photo by Tina Larkin

photo by Tina Larkin

If The Be Good Tanyas and Gillian Welch came together and had a baby.. it would be Tina and Her Pony! sweet music!!!
-Melissa Crabtree

Little bird


Speedy little bird on the winds over the sea

Going to the hills yeah

Going to the trees

To lay your little bones

Your little bird bones

And when I feel alone

I long to be free

Long to feel the chill of that cold hard breeze

Against my eyes

My little brown eyes

And I know I’m alive

And all I want is freedom for my soul

Freedom for my soul

Freedom for my soul


When I get old and I can’t see

I hear that ban of angles coming after me

To rest my bones

My little bird bones

And I know

I’m gunna fly.


fire flys in a jar

Tina and Her Pony are an indie Appalachian duo that has delighted crowds across America.   They comfortably switch between GUITAR, BANJO, and UKULELE as strong vocal HARMONIES and the foot stomping rumble of CELLO take the listener on a haunting journey through the smoking forests of Appalachia. This vibrant duo is fresh out of Asheville, NC where they grew to love the mountains, honey wine and bluegrass music.  Passing through their feet, heart and lips, Tina & Her Pony’s songs echo bluegrass and old-time melodies that have been sung by generations of women before them, while creating their own waves with their radical queer lyrics and intricate melodies. They draw inspiration from such artists as The Be Good Tanyas, Uncle Earl and Beirut, as well as the lush rivers and mountains that surround them. TINA & HER PONY are currently promoting Tina Collins’ debut album: “JOURNEY ONWARD” and their anxiously awaited self-titled album.